Ache Issue No. 3: Abrasion / Preorder (w. preorder discount <3)



In our third issue of Ache, we explore the theme of 'Abrasion' as it relates to illness, pain, health and our bodies.

Featuring art, essays, fiction, interviews and poetry by: Lucia Osborne-Crowley, Harri Welch, Sophie Whitehead, Katie Da Cunha Lewin, Kaiya Waerea, Jennifer Ashby, Pema Monaghan, Polly Atkin, Nina Mingya Powles, Cat Mitchell, Naomi Morris, Laura Oosterbeek, Lottie Hughes, Katrina Millar, Alanya Noquet, Rosa Jones, Megan James, Mai Ivfjäll, Cat Chong, Grug Muse, Kirstie Millar, Anna Kisby Compton, Rachel Cleverly, Ellie Taylor Davis, Nina Hanz, Nicolette Clara Iles, Benedita Santos, Eve Delaney, Lindsey Mendick, Rosalind Reynolds-Grey and Helen Mort.

*This is a pre-order: Issue No. 3 will be released on March 25th and all orders will be shipped shortly after the launch date.